About Us


Founded on  February 10, 1983 by Dustie Isaka and Stacee Takemoto, Phi Zeta Tau is coming into its 34th year of sisterhood. The fundamental goal of our organization is to promote goodness both inside and out of our organization. We pride ourselves on the idea that every sister is special and one of a kind with their own experiences and talents. Together, we form a unique sisterhood and family that is unparallel to any other on or off campus. There is not one, specific ‘type’ of girl that defines a Phi. We accept everyone for who they are, and inspire ourselves, and those around us to be who they really are.

To do so, we participate in a number of educational, social and cultural activities. Recognized as the first Asian-American Interest sorority on UCI campus, our sisters are proud to have expanded our network immensely throughout our 34 years. Not only are we associated with the Multicultural Greek Council on campus, we are also connected with many fraternities and sororities from all over Southern California. From various philanthropies put on by both UCI’s Greek life to educational workshops hosted by UCI’s Multicultural Greek Council to traditional formal events held by Southern California’s Asian Greek Council and organizations, we are able to truly make a difference in our sisters and community.

Throughout their time in our organization, each sister gains a unique set of life lessons and ideals taught only to them by the activities and ideals of Phi Zeta Tau. These messages guide our sisters through their college careers and follow them even after graduation. Consisting of a network of highly motivated, outspoken, and individualistic women, the sisters of Phi Zeta Tau always strive to actively serve their community and to be the best possible version of themselves at all times.