Phi Zeta Tau was once only a dream for Dustie Isaka and Stacee Takemoto. Both Dustie and Stacee were Lil Sisses of Lambda Theta Delta, the first Asian-American Fraternity on the UC Irvine campus, and saw the need for an Asian-American Sorority at UC Irvine.

After much planning, effort, and recruiting, the founding members made Phi Zeta Tau a reality. The year 1983 marked a successful beginning and introduced the Alpha Class. Determination and enthusiasm filled the newly formed sorority and proved to be prevalent in the years to follow.

Each successive pledge class, Beta, Gamma, Delta and all the way to our thirty-fourth year with the incoming Alpha Mu Class, has allowed Phi Zeta Tau to grow and pass on its high standards and traditions. Since then, the sisters of Phi Zeta Tau have been involved on the university campus, the surrounding community, UCI Panhellenic Association (the Traditional Greek system), AGI (Asian Greeks of Irvine) and AGC (The Asian Greek Council of Southern California).